Saturday, 24 September 2016

TAST Week Fifty-Six: Lock Stitch and Double Lock Stitch

This week there are two stitches for the TAST Challenge hosted by Sharon Boggon at Pin TangleLock Stitch and Double Lock Stitch.  I hadn't heard of them before but they were fairly straight forward to learn.  You can find Sharon's excellent tutorial for them here.

This week I used perle cotton thread in a single colour for both stitches.  I could tell that they were the sort of stitch that would need a heavier thread than I usually use.

I filled the inside of my up and down buttonhole circle from last time with the two stitches. The double lock stitch is the light lilac thread at the bottom of the circle and the simple lock stitch is at the top in pink.

I liked these stitches and I like the texture they have added to my sampler.

PS. For some strange reason I am having trouble linking to Sharon's website at the moment but hopefully the links will work eventually. 

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Finally a small sewing project completed....

Yay! Today I finally had the time and the motivation to finish a small sewing project!

My youngest daughter returns to university this coming week and, had asked me if I would make her a laundry bag to take with her so that she can keep her laundry off the floor of her room. Liking the sound of a tidy room,  I chose some fabrics from my precious 'Tilda' stash and set about making a simple drawstring laundry bag for her.

I wanted to add a label but I didn't have any ribbon or tape with any suitable motifs on.  I sat and gave this some thought and inspiration struck when I remembered that last year I had discovered that I could print onto fabric using freezer paper to stiffen the fabric so that it fed through my printer.  I had learned the technique using Kathy Shaw's excellent tutorial.  I immediately made myself a label which I was very pleased with.

I also added a little piece of trim along the seam between the two different fabrics at the bottom of the bag.

I made the casing by sewing two lines of stitches about three quarters of an inch apart and about two inches down from the top and, I fed the ribbon in through the two side seams.  All in all, I was very pleased with the result and I hope my daughter will enjoy using it! 

Sorry the photographs aren't brilliant but this wasn't the easiest project to take a photo of!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

TAST Week Fifty-Five: Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch

This week's stitch for the TAST Challenge hosted by Sharon Boggon at Pin Tangle is called Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch and, is exactly that.  One part of the stitch is stitched up and the other is stitched down.

I really love this family of stitches, so I really enjoyed working this onto my sampler.  I had already drawn a circle onto my background fabric ready for the next stitch when I worked on last week's stitch (you may have spotted it in the photograph I took on the top left side).

I decided I was going to work the vertical part of the stitch away from the circle but, as I got to the bottom I realised that I hadn't left myself room, so I switched to putting the vertical part of the stitch on the inside of the circle and then switched back again.  I like how it has turned out.

You can find Sharon's excellent tutorial for Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch here.  Hopefully I will have something other than embroidery stitches to show you the next time I post! 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A few more stitches......

It has been another busy week here.... although the actual move was completed a couple of weeks ago, there has still been a lot of sorting out and paperwork to do.... changing address and opening new accounts all takes time.  This means that I haven't had a lot of time to spend in my new sewing area.  It is all set up and ready to go when I do get some time. Would you like a little peek? Well, here you are.....

It took a long time unpacking all that 'stuff' and, even more time to decide where to put it all!!

Anyway, I haven't been completely idle on the stitching front, I have managed to complete the last two TAST stitches published by Sharon Boggon at Pintangle.  The first one was stitch 53 which was 'Turkman stitch'.  I had never heard of this stitch before but I followed Sharon's excellent tutorial and really enjoyed stitching a new circle onto my sampler using variegated silk thread.

The next stitch was stitch 54 and is called a 'knotted buttonhole band' which is exactly what it is.  I stitched my sample of this stitch using a variegated perle cotton (8) as I tried it with my favourite variegated silk thread but I wasn't happy with the results.  It really needed a heavier weight thread.  I am really happy with the band on my sampler now and you can find Sharon's tutorial for it here.

I am hoping to get back to some of my other projects soon and, I have a new project to complete too.... can you spy the fabric pieces cut out ready on my ironing board?  I'll show you more of that another time!  Until then.....

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Finally getting settled in......

Hello! I am finally getting a bit more back to a normal routine after my house move.  It has been hard not being able to stitch, as well as being without internet some of the time during the removal.  We are almost up and running as usual..... there have been a few hiccups.... a leak in the hot water system for one but, that has been resolved now and I am looking forward to getting caught up with you all again.

My first stitches when I had time to stitch them, were to catch up with the TAST stitches published by Sharon Boggon at Pintangle over the last two weeks.  The first stitch was week 51 and was buttonholed herringbone stitch.  You can see Sharon's tutorial for this stitch here.  As herringbone stitch is one of my favourite stitches, I really enjoyed this stitch.

The second stitch I had to catch up on was week 52 which was sheaf stitch. This is a very pretty and versatile stitch which I also enjoyed working. Sharon's tutorial for it is here.

Luckily the TAST group were having a four week break over the period of time when I was moving, so I only had those two stitches to catch up.  I wish I could say the same for the Splendid Sampler..... I have quite a number of blocks to catch up with.  Maybe I will just start from the next block and catch up the missed ones at a later date!

Nice to be back and I look forward to visiting your blogs again and seeing what you have all been up to!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A quick catch up!

As you can imagine, things have been a little chaotic here with lots of sorting through things that can be thrown out, things that can be donated and things that will be coming with us on our new adventure to the new house.  However, I have been trying very hard to keep up with the ongoing projects that I am participating in and I wanted to show you what I have managed to achieve since my last post.  

Firstly, I have added two more stitches to my TAST Sampler.

Week 49: Closed Base Needle Woven Picot.  I loved working this stitch and you can find Sharon's tutorial for it here.

Week 50: Looped Cretan Stitch.  This was also a lot of fun to work and I love the extra impact it has given my sampler.  You can find Sharon's tutorial for it here.

I have also managed to continue with the blocks for the Splendid Sampler (my sewing machine is not yet packed away!) and here are the blocks I have completed since the last time.

Block 42: Designed by Jane Davidson and called 'Pencils'.

Block 43: Designed by Pat Sloan and called 'Pincushion Love'.

Block 44: Designed by Gail Pan and called 'Stitch in the Garden'.

Finally Block 45: Designed by Frances Newcombe and called 'Sewing Nut'.

I have had such a lot of fun stitching these beautiful blocks between everything else.... it has helped me to keep calm about things! 

Sorry that I don't have time to visit you all at the moment.... there just aren't enough hours in the day! I hope you have all been enjoying some creative moments and I can't wait to catch up with all that you have been doing again soon! 

Monday, 4 July 2016

Missing you!

I know that I wasn't going to post until after I had moved house but on the house removal front there are times of high activity and times when it is much quieter.... this is one of those days, so I thought I would catch you up with what I have been stitching since I last posted. I have missed your visits and I apologise for not being able to spend the time reading your posts.... things will get back to normal once we are settled again.

Firstly, last week was the June link up for the 'Patchwork with Stitchery' sew-a-long hosted by Martina at Sunshine Quilting.  My contribution for the sew-a-long this month is another of the pretty 'United Stitches' blocks I have been working on. Another cute design by Rosalie Dekker (Quinlan)  which was quick and easy to stitch.

I also completed a couple of short segments of week 48's stitch for the TAST Challenge hosted by Sharon Boggon at Pin TangleIt was another really fun stitch to learn and is called 'Knotted Feather Stitch'. You can find Sharon's tutorial for it here.

Then there have been three blocks for the Splendid Sampler.  Block 39 was another paper pieced block but as I didn't really have the time to struggle with a paper pieced block and, I had seen a lovely appliqued version of the block by my blogging friend Sheila, I simplified my block too. The original block was designed by Aylin Ozturk and is called 'Balls in the Air'.

Block 40 was designed by Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson of Me and My Sister designs.  It is a cute pieced block called 'Flights of Friendship'. This had a special meaning to me as I had the opportunity to meet Barb and Mary at a class earlier this year.

Block 41 was designed by Jennifer Mathis and is called 'Sew South'.  I loved this cute little block!

I also forgot to show you my latest EPP block which I have been working on.  It is from a Craftsy class taught by Helen Stubbings.  My first EPP star!

Lastly, I have managed to sneak in some free motion quilting practice and, I finished another block for my FMQ Sampler.  It uses a motif by Christina Cameli which she calls 'marbles'.

I think that is it.... hope you all have a lovely week (Happy 4th July to my American friends!) and I'll catch up with you again next time!